We continue our operations with a total of 16 beer processing facilities consisting of, 5 in Turkey, 6 in Russia, 2 in Kazakhstan and one in Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia, along with 6 malt and 1 hop factories. We are the 5th biggest company in Europe, 10th in the world in terms of sales volume. We're leading the market in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Moldova.


Coincidental acquaintances of the group’s founders Mr. Kamil Yazıcı and İzzet Özilhan, in 1949, turned into a partnership in a short time. The very first business of these two young and ambitious partners was a hardware store in Tahtakale… Before long, the business developed with Jawa motorcycles and Skoda trucks they started to export.

Founded in the beginning of 1950s, the Anadolu Group operates with 87 companies in 19 countries from the Atlantic to the Pacific, including Turkey. Although the Group mainly operates in four lines of business, namely beverages, automotive, finance and retail, the Group has recently expanded its range of activities with investments made in informatics, electronics, energy, food, real-estate and health care sectors.

The vision of becoming “a star bridging Anatolia to the world and the world to Anatolia” intends to render existence of the Group sustainable in the new century. Anadolu Group practices its recent structuring and all attempts in line with its vision and under the leadership of Mr. Tuncay Özilhan who acted as the Group’s CEO for 23 years and appointed as the Board of Directors Chairman as of May 2007.

Besides producing and marketing one or several of the well-known brands we use almost every day, the Anadolu Group successfully maintains its strategy of overseas expansion in the process of globalization as well as cooperation and partnership with multi-national companies.

Anadolu Group, the producer of Turkish brand Efes Pilsen which is listed among the top ten beer brands consumed in Europe, is the leader of Turkish beer market. They carry on licensed production of world’s famous Miller and Beck’s beers.

The group having overseas beer operations in Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine is the Europe’s 5th and world’s 12th greatest beer producer with its total 18 breweries, 7 malt production facilities, including Turkey… Besides Efes products consumed over fifty countries, the Group produces over 40 brands, including leader local beer brands. The goal of Anadolu Group, which will reinforce its existence in the Russia and Ukraine as well as other countries of the region with the agreement concluded with SABMiller, is to become the world’s most powerful, independent regional beer company in the vast geography from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

As a result of cooperation made with Coca-Cola, the Group is the world’s 10th greatest Coca-Cola bottling company with its 20 Coca-Cola bottling factories located in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Pakistan, besides Turkey.

Anadolu Etap Tarım Ürünleri, a new investment of the Group, offers processed fruits to Turkish and worldwide markets, especially to its main buyer Coca-Cola, with its partnership with Cutrale, a prestigious Brazilian company.

The Anadolu Group and Isuzu launched the first Turkish-Japanese partnership in commercial vehicles sector; they concluded a cooperation agreement for production of pick-up (D-Max). Cooperation with Kia for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, with Honda for sales of power products and with Lombardini for production and sales of industrial motors are other existing collaborations of the Group. It assumed the Turkish distributorship LS Tractors with the cooperation established with LG Group of South Korea. Anadolu Motor has distributorship agreements with the Italian and Indian tractor brands Landini and Solis, respectively. The Group, starting the sales and marketing of famous American brand Cooper Tires and Avon tires and passenger cars of Chinese brand Geely, intends to become the sector leader of operational fleet leasing with a fleet of 13 thousand vehicles.

ABank, AYatırım, ALease and Alternatif Portfolio Management Company represent the Anadolu Group’s existence in finance sector and the Group launched its edible oil business by taking over Kırlangıç and Madra olive oils. Then the Group achieved market leadership by adding century-old Komili brand to its range of products.

Since its establishment in 1969, Adel Kalemcilik has always been the market leader of stationery sector thanks to the partnership with German Faber-Castell. It offers a wide range of products with Faber-Castell, Johann Faber and Adel brands and exports to almost 50 countries. Faber Castell Anadolu conducts Russian operations of Adel.

The Group hoping to become an important player of energy sector, which will be the leading line of business in the future, with strong collaborations and projects, has started constructing Paravani hydroelectric power plant in Georgia with a foreign partnership. Also the Group obtained permission from the EPDK (Energy Market Regulatory Authority) for constructing a thermal power plant of 1200 megawatt in Sinop-Gerze.

For the past six years, the Anadolu Group has been acting as the Turkish Licenser of Mc Donald’s which has operations in Turkey for 25 years. Anadolu Bilişim Hizmetleri is the informatics company and Efes Tur offers services to the tourism sector. The goal of AEH Gayrimenkul Yatırımları, a company recently incorporated, is to become an outstanding player of real estate sector.

In parallel to its social responsibility concept, the Anadolu Group will go on contributing to the education, health, art and sports aspects of the social life.

Anadolu Education and Social Welfare Foundation, established in 1979 by the Anadolu Group Founders, with the motto of “Sharing our achievements with the Anatolian people is a debt of gratitude”, has contributed to the education, healthcare and social life with 42 artifacts until this date as well as offering non-refundable grants to 850 students, girls primarily, each year. So far, total 15 thousand scholars have benefited from this grant program so far.

Adopting the mission of offering modern health care services to Turkish society since the date of establishment, the Anadolu Foundation realized its biggest dream with non-profit Anadolu Health Care Center project.

ASM (Anadolu Health Care Center) instituted with strategic alliance with a century-old Johns Hopkins University Medical Faculty Hospital, which has been awarded as the American’s best Hospital for the past 21 years, pursues the goal of becoming an regional destination in Turkey and surrounding geography for oncology, cardiology and women’s health as well as neurological diseases. Besides being a pioneer hospital, which turns the definition of service concept in health sector upside down and offers all health care services under the same roof, the ASM initiated procedures for establishing a university, in parallel to its goal of becoming a research and training center.

Established in 1976 Efes Pilsen Sports Club, 35-year old locomotive of Turkish basketball, is the first team of Turkish basketball history that won the Europe Korac Cub in 1996. The team that won most championships in the history of Turkish Premier Basketball League is now known as Anadolu Efes Sports Club and added its 13th cup to its museum. The Club won the Turkish Cup nine times and Presidential Cup nine times as the most winning team and also it came in third, twice, on the European League. Anadolu Efes Sports Club has been training basketball players of the future for several years at the free basketball schools established and operated and also it is the first and only Turkish team transferring a player to NBA and playing with NBA teams. The yearbook titled “Century Old History of Turkish Basketball” and released with contributions of the Club sheds a light to the history of Turkish Basketball.