From North Iraq to Kazakhstan, from Jordan to Moldova, Efes Soft Drinks and Efes Beer Groups are reaching to customers all around the world.


Anadolu Efes’ Russian operations account for the largest share of all of its beer operations in terms of sales volumes.

The Moscow-Efes Brewery (“MEB”), which was set up by Anadolu Efes in 1997, today operates with five breweries in the cities of Moscow*, Rostov*, Ufa, Kazan, and Novosibirsk. The strategic partnership with SABMiller increased the number of Russian breweries under Anadolu Efes’ control to eight with the addition of three belonging to SABMiller in Kaluga, Ulyanovsk, and Vladivostok to the existing five owned by Anadolu Efes. The company also owns five malteries: one in Moscow and the other four in Kazan*. The portfolio of operations in Kazan include a preform plant, whose annual production capacity of about 1.3 million PET preforms, makes it possible for Anadolu Efes to manufacture all of the PET bottles that it needs. In 2013 the total consumption of the Russian beer market is estimated to be around 87.1 million hectoliters, which corresponds to a per capita consumption of 61 liters a year. According to the Euromonitor data for 2012, Russia ranked the world’s fourth biggest beer market.

During the past five years, Russian beer market has contracted by more than 20%, primarily due to the tightened regulatory environment. As a result, the average capacity utilization rate of the brewing industry has decelerated to ca. 60% in the recent years. Consequently, after an evaluation process by taking into consideration of the technical, logistical and financial points of view, Anadolu Efes initiated a production network optimization program in Russia.

Under this program, Anadolu Efes decided to suspend its brewing and malting operations in Moscow as of 1 January 2014, and to suspend its brewing operations in Rostov in the first quarter of 2014. Aggregate installed production capacity at these two locations amount to about 5.0 million hectoliters of beer and 46,000 tons of malt, which corresponds to 19% and 26% of the total annual installed beer and malt production capacities of the company’s Russian operations, respectively. The beer production volumes at these locations will be re-allocated to the company’s other production facilities in Russia.

The decision was taken after the review of the current trends in the Russian beer sector and Anadolu Efes believes that it will be able to improve its competitiveness and efficiency and ensure sustainable success in Russia taking into account both the expected synergies and the restructuring costs associated with this decision.

* It has been decided to suspend the brewing and malting operations in Moscow as of January 1, 2014 and to suspend the brewing operations in Rostov in the first quarter of 2014.