We use our resources effectively as a company at Anadolu Efes. With this, we can make our actions happen in 8 different sections. Because we know: Together, we can live a better life.


  • We produce more beer by consuming less water.

    We will require more clean water resources to sustain a better life in the future. We are going to create a positive impact by producing more beer with less water for protecting our raw material and ensuring that the needs of the community are met in the future.

  • We reduce carbon footprint by using energy resources more efficiently.

    In all our operations we reduce our carbon footprint through smarter use of energy resources. We are therefore not only increasing our efficiency but are also creating positive impact to sustain a better life by reducing our environmental impact.

  • We reduce material consumption through greener packaging practices.

    Through packaging practices we are providing consumers with products in perfect quality and confidence while reducing the environmental impact of the packaging materials.

  • To become an employer of choice we provide a fair work environment where the talents are valued.

    Productivity and creativity are the talents which enable us to sustain a better life. In order to become an employer of choice, we provide a fair work environment where the talents are valued.

  • In order to create more added values we enhance our value chain.

    Through business development projects and agricultural support programs, we aim to create a positive impact on the business values of stakeholders while reinforcing our corporate sustainability.

  • We work for creating a consumer group enjoying beer responsibly and familiar with beer culture.

    We believe that our products will add a positive value to social life when consumed by responsible consumer groups familiar with the beer culture and we are working to develop the consumer experience in that direction.

  • We care about the expectations of the communities we live in, and support their development.

    We create positive impact for local economic growth and the enriching of the socio-cultural life in all countries we operate in.

  • To be a reliable neighbour, we conduct safe and environment-friendly operations.

    For us, the key to sustain a better life together with stakeholders lies in getting their regards for us as a “reliable neighbour”. We work to generate “positive impact” by conducting safer and greener operations with our “0-accident” objective and by applying “best available practices”.