Human Resources Policy

Our company's human resources policy and our practices in this area Corporate Governance Principles Section 3, article 3.3. complies with all the principles listed below.

Our human resources mission; In line with our company's vision, mission and strategies,
• To enable our employees to approach working life with passion, responsibility, equality and justice in the way of brewing Pleasure and Entertainment.
• Developing Human Resources strategies and coordinating the implementation of Human Resources systems in all Efes locations in accordance with policies and procedures by standardizing them.

In line with our human resources mission, our basic strategy is;
• Focusing on the Career Development of Our Employees,
• Aiming the Cultural Change brought by the necessities of the in our time,
• And to ensure that our organization is Goal-oriented, built on 3 foundations.

Our company's human resources strategy is prepared in line with our vision and mission and implemented to our goals in our strategic business plans, and is carried out under the following basic policies:
• Investing in the talent development of our employees,
• Creating transparent career paths for our employees and ensuring their effective communication,
• To reveal the true potential of our employees with appreciation and recognition,
• Developing and implementing new working methods that will keep up with the digital age,
• To ensure cultural exchange with a participatory approach and transparent communication,
• To place the target-oriented mindset at every level of the organization,
• To place the awareness that every Efes employee is responsible for developing their talents.

In order to prepare our employees for the future, great importance is given to education at every stage and at every level. This importance is presented in a transparent way with the created systems and "INVESTMENT IN PEOPLE" is made. In this direction, corporate development activities have been organized under “Anadolu Efes LABs” and under different academies since 2019 in order to train leaders, create a common management language and strengthen our culture that encourages continuous learning.

In addition, the Inspiring Digital online e-learning platform, which can be accessed 24/7 over the internet, aims to increase the personal and professional knowledge and skills of employees. With this e-learning platform, large target audiences can be reached in a short time with different development resources designed interactively. Participation in the trainings and completion status can be tracked through the system, and exams are also held for knowledge measurement.

With the BiFikir project, which we implement in our company, where our employees voluntarily address and solve the problems related to their work in their own work area, a better communication, creativity and innovation environment is provided for the employees within the company, it is aimed to increase the motivation of the employees and to ensure their personal development. In parallel with financial benefits and internal development, Bifikir suggestion system brings various benefits such as innovation and creativity activities, responsibility, self-disclosure, innovation and creative thinking development, and job satisfaction.

It is our most fundamental principle that the decisions taken by our company management are applied sensitively to the field of activity. The follow-up of these practices is carried out within the framework of the determined Critical Performance Criteria, and not only focusing on operational performance, but also giving importance to profitability. Performance targets that we set annually for our employees within the framework of the aforementioned criteria enable our management policies to be evaluated according to quantitative and objective targets, depending on the indicators, beyond qualitative measurement.

One of the "company's responsibilities towards its employees", which has taken its place among the working principles of our group and is applied without compromise, is not to discriminate against language, religion, race, age, ethnic identity and gender while conducting all kinds of relations with our employees.

We are proud of the diversity and cultural diversity of our employees, and while we gather around a common purpose, we accept these different perspectives as wealth. All human resources practices are built on nurturing and developing this wealth and providing equal opportunities to all employees in every field.

At Anadolu Efes, equality of opportunity is provided to all our employees in all human resources practices, starting with the recruitment of our employees, including training, wages, careers and financial opportunities.

Respecting and protecting the rights of our employees under laws and regulations has been determined as one of the most important duties and priorities of the Company.

Within the scope of our Human Resources structure for both our Blue Collar and White Collar Employees, there is a Business Partner organization located in our company headquarters and a total of 9 regional Human Resources Managers affiliated to this organization. The Business Partner and regional Human Resources Managers metioned ablove are responsible for evaluating the requests, complaints and problems communicated to them by the employees, and following the results of the process related to the requests, complaints and problems received in coordination with the Senior Management, in accordance with their job descriptions.

Company employees can access information, documents, regulations and policies related to their jobs through the corporate portal. Individual performance and potential evaluations are carried out through the online system and evaluation, success and rewarding criteria and expectations are presented to the agreement and information of the employees since the beginning of the year. All human resources systems used are regularly reviewed and redesigned.

"Occupational Health and Safety Worker Representative" is selected for white-collar employees in order to represent employees on occupational health and safety issues. As stated in the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, the duties and authorities of the representative elected by the workers working in the workplace are as follows:
• Participate in work related to health and safety in the workplace,
• monitoring work,
• requesting action,
• make suggestions
Or in similar matters, Our blue-collar employees, who are authorized to represent workers act as health and safety worker representatives.

While providing a safe working environment and conditions for employees, General Occupational Health and Safety trainings, which require the participation of all our employees, are organized by our company at regular intervals.

Relations with Blue Collar personnel in our company are regulated according to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and a total of 6 Chief Representatives and 7 Union Representatives operate in our 3 Beer and 2 Malt Factories in Turkey, which are within the scope of the agreement. The aforementioned Representatives are responsible for conveying the requests, complaints and problems of our Blue Collar employees to the Senior Management within the limits set by the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the Laws, following the results, representing the employees in practices such as the Occupational Safety Board and observing their legal rights.

There is also a "Workplace Union Representative" for blue-collar employees, as stated in our Collective Bargaining Agreement. The duties and responsibilities of the representatives can be listed as follows;

Workplace union representatives fulfill the following duties assigned to them in order to ensure work peace, to maintain and observe the balance between the employer and the employer:
a) To protect the cooperation and work peace between the employee and the employer in the workplace,
b) Examining the demands and complaints made by the workers, convincing the worker in unreasonable demands and complaints, reflecting the demands and complaints that he/she finds reasonable to the employer at his/her own discretion.( The representative cannot be punished due to the discretion used in these complaints.)
c) To try to resolve the disputes that may arise between the worker and the employer in a friendly way,
d) To find solutions to problems that may arise in the implementation of the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement and, if necessary, to bring the issue to the employer after consulting the workers,
e) To try to prevent illegal attempts and behaviors within its own authority, not to take part in such attempts and behaviors,
f) To regulate the relations of unionized workers with the union,
g) To work for the smooth execution of the Collective Bargaining Agreement,
h) To convey in writing the issues that cannot be resolved in the workplace to the union branch to which it is affiliated,
i) To fulfill other obligations given to it by the legislation.