Human Resources Policy

Our company’s human resources policy and practices in this area are in line with all of the principles of Section 3 Article no 3.3 of Corporate Governance Principles.

Our human resources mission is to develop human resources strategies and coordinate the application of human resources systems in our operations in line with our company’s vision and mission and strategies in order to support our strategic growth and profitability strategies through increasing productivity of our employees, as well as establishing a qualified, motivated, loyal workforce. In line with our human resources mission our key strategy is to build up a satisfied, highly motivated and well-educated workforce that works as a team and continually develops, operates on knowledge and focuses on Company targets. Our human resources strategy is also disclosed publicly in our website.

The Human Resources Strategy of our company is designed in line with our vision and mission in order to support our strategic business plan and implemented under the following headings:

(1) Increasing organizational efficiency
(2) Centralized Strategy, Local Policy Development
(3) Right Person for the Right Position,
(4) Maintaining a Dynamic & Proactive Structure,
(5) An Unreplicated Human Capital that Creates Competitive Advantage.

Our Company gives great importance on training at all stages and at all levels in order to prepare our employees to the future. We “INVEST IN PEOPLE” through established systems where we present this importance in a transparent way. In this context, in order to develop leaders, to form a common management language and to strengthen our culture that supports continuous learning, corporate development practices have been in action since 2010 under the system “Academia Efes”.

In addition, through an e-learning platform over the internet, it is aimed to improve the personal and occupational knowledge and skills of our employees. Via this platform, we are able to reach mass of employees in a short time period with the trainings which are designed interactively. The attendance is tracked on the system and exams are held in order to measure knowledge as well.

“Efes Quality Circle” project, whereby our employees voluntarily solve the problems in their respective work areas, enable a better environment for communication, creativity and innovation while contributing to our employees’ personal development and hence increasing their motivation. Parallel to monetary benefits and internal development, “Efes Quality Circle” activities also provide abstract benefits like development of responsibility, proving oneself, innovation and creative thinking, as well as job satisfaction.

It is essential to implement fastidiously any resolution rendered by our Board of Directors in the pertinent field of activity. Monitoring of such applications is conducted within the framework of the designated Critical Performance Criteria focused not only on the operating performance but also profitability. The annual performance targets we have designated for our employees in line with the relevant criteria allow not only the qualitative measurement but also the indicator-based quantitative assessment of our management policies. There is no share purchase plan designed for employees.

One of our Group’s commitments towards its employees in the course of every relationship, which is part of our working principles and followed strictly without any concession, is not to make any discrimination in terms of race, skin color, age, nationality, gender and religious beliefs. We take pride in different aspects and cultural diversification of our employees and consider such diversification a valuable tool for advancement towards a common objective.

In every Human Resources practice spanning from the initial recruitment to the training, compensation, career and financial means granted, equal opportunity is provided to all employees. No complaints, in particular on discrimination, have been raised by any of our employees within the period.

We are committed to respect and protect the rights granted to our employees by law and regulations.

Relations with blue-collar workers are regulated according to the collective bargaining agreement, and in the context of the agreement, 7 head representatives and 12 union representatives work in our 5 breweries and 2 malteries in Turkey. These representatives are responsible for communicating the requests, complaints and problems of our blue-collar workers to the senior management, following up the results of these, representing the employees in platforms such as Occupational Safety Board and Disciplinary Board and protecting their legal rights within the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the Legal framework. In addition, for both our blue-collar and white-collar workers, there is a Business Partnership organization deployed in our headquarters within our human resources structure and 10 regional human resources supervisors in total are affiliated to this organization. As a requirement of their job description, the afore-mentioned business partners and human resources supervisors are responsible for evaluating the requests, complaints and problems conveyed by employees and following up the results of the processes regarding these requests, complaints and problems, in coordination with the senior management.

In addition, representatives have been designated to conduct the relations with employees. For white-collar workers, a “Health and Security Worker Representative” has been selected to represent the workers on issues of occupational health and security. The duties and authorities of such representative that is selected by the workers at the workplace, as per Occupational Health and Safety Statute, are as follows:

One or more workers act as the “Health and Security Worker Representative” and participate in studies for health and security in the workplace, monitor the studies, request for measures and precautions, give suggestions and represent workers in similar matters particularly on health and security.

For blue-collar workers, a “Trade Union Representative at the workplace” is present as set forth in the collective bargaining agreements.

The trade union representatives fulfill the following delegated tasks to ensure occupational peace, maintain and safeguard the balance between the worker and the employer:

a) Ensuring the cooperation and occupational peace between the worker and the employer at the workplace,
b) Examining the demands and complaints of workers, persuading the worker in withdrawing its unreasonable demand or complaint, reflecting any demand or complaint that it will find reasonable in his sole discretion to the employer (the representative may not be penalized for his/her discretion in this process.)
c) Striving to settle amicably, conflicts or disputes to arise between the worker and employer,
d) Seeking remedies for problems that may arise in connection with implementing these contractual provisions and if necessary, conveying the matter to the employer after consulting with workers.
e) Striving to prevent, to the extent of his/her authority, any illegalized attempt or behavior, refraining from getting involved in such attempts or behaviors,
f) Regulating the relationship of workers that are trade union members with the trade union,
g) Ensuring the uninterrupted execution of the contract,
h) Transmitting any matter that he/she could not settle at the workplace to his/her affiliated branch/department in writing,
i) Fulfilling all other liabilities imposed by the legislation.

While safe working environment and conditions are provided to the employees, General Occupational Health and Safety trainings, which require the participation of all employees, are organized by our company periodically.

Job descriptions of all employees of the company can be reached through the corporate portal. Performance evaluation is carried out through an online system, and evaluation and compensation criteria as well as expectations are shared with the employees in the system starting from the beginning of the year.