Targeting zero for the environment.

Net Zero Emissions in Operations
In order to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees as per the Paris Agreement, we need to reduce our carbon emissions. Urgent steps must be taken to combat the climate crisis, and we are contributing to this struggle with the goal of achieving net zero emissions across all our operations by 2030. We plan to achieve this goal by investing in carbon balancing projects and energy efficient applications, using renewable energy sources, and evaluating renewable energy installation opportunities.

Energy Efficiency in Production
At Anadolu Efes, we see improving energy efficiency beyond our legal obligations as an integral part of our activities. One of our main goals is to ensure conscious energy use and continuously track our performance while maintaining quality production performance. Therefore, we monitor and support energy efficiency at every stage of our operations, from purchasing products and services to implementing new projects and investments. In all our activities, we use energy efficiently to reduce our carbon footprint. Our increased energy efficiency enables us to achieve more energy efficient operations. We will continue to develop projects that will help us reach our efficiency targets and achieve net zero emissions as fast as possible across all our operations.

Renewable Energy Supply in Production
One of the main ways an organization can reduce its impact on climate is by using renewable energy. At Anadolu Efes, we aim to meet 100% of our electricity needs from renewable energy as part of our carbon footprint reduction efforts.

Balancing our Carbon Footprint
In line with our energy efficiency goals, we are making every effort to use renewable energy to meet our operations’ energy and electricity needs, and we are also evaluating our carbon balancing options to minimize our climate impact.

Zero Waste
Circular economy models play a key role in reducing natural resource consumption and pollution. At Anadolu Efes, it has been our priority since day one to reduce the amount of waste resulting from all our activities and to maximize our recycling rate. In this context, we are working to developing applications that will contribute to the circular economy based on the 3R model, which consists of 3 steps: reduce, reuse and recycle.

We will certify that all our operations with zero waste - preventing and reducing waste generation and ensuring that all waste is re-used in the economy. All our malt and beer plants in Turkey took this step last year, earning their Zero Waste Certificate

Packaging Management
We are working to minimize the impact caused by the packaging of our products by reducing the amount of packaging, and increasing its reuse and recycling. The R&D activities that we carry out together with our business partners are very important as we seek to reduce the impact of our packaging to the lowest possible level. In this context, we focus on consuming fewer resources and increasing the use of recycled/ recyclable materials in our packaging. We will continue to design the packaging volume and weight of our products to produce minimal waste, and support reuse and recycling efforts to reduce the environmental impact caused by packaging.

Plastics Reduction
Considering the ever-increasing amount of plastics in landfills, and the pollution it creates in marine ecosystems, plastic pollution is one of today’s most important environmental problems. Although our plastic consumption is very low, we remain part of the solution and avoid the use of materials that cause plastic waste wherever possible, both in our packaging and in our products. We will continue our R&D work with our entrepreneurship ecosystem, suppliers, and universities to reduce the use of plastics.

Increasing our support for social impact.

We believe the social value that we create through our investments in society as investments in the future. We will continue to invest in culture, the arts, sports, and projects that support local development and women’s empowerment, cooperating with all our stakeholders to increase the social impact of these projects.

Anadolu Efes has been supporting culture and the arts nonstop for 34 years. Our goal is to make many different fields of art more accessible, from cinema to theater, and from visual arts to music and design. We will continue to invest in culture and art that inspires, empowers, educates, and entertains society.

Local Development and Women’s Empowerment
As a signer of the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles, our company’s aim has always been to ensure women’s participation in the labor force and to raise awareness about gender equality. In this context, we will continue social benefit projects that both support local development and ensure women’s empowerment in society.

Sustainable Farming and Empowering Farmers
We support the farmers who produce our raw materials and consider them to be among our most important stakeholders. We also promote sustainable farming practices to protect the soil. By improving our farmers’ abilities to practice sustainable farming every day, we are continuing our support for the soil and for the farmers who produce our raw materials.

By 2030, all our farmers will be educated on sustainable agriculture practices.

Empowering Young Entrepreneurs
We will continue to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem and cooperate with young people to help them leverage the power of innovation to realize their dreams and achieve their goals.

Our heart beats faster on the court. We’ve all been following the Anadolu Efes Sports Club for 45 years. Indeed, it introduced many of us to basketball, and was the reason a wide audience fell in love with it. Since its foundation, Anadolu Efes Sports Club has accomplished many firsts - it was the first team to bring a European championship to our country, and it won the Euroleague Championship again in 2021. We will continue to invest in sports and activities that inspire feelings of endeavor, courage, victory and excitement.

We are empowered by equal opportunity.

Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment
We support equal opportunity for everyone through our inclusive corporate culture. We will continue our efforts to increase awareness of equality among all our employees and stakeholders, and develop more opportunities to female employees.

We will implement programs to certify that we ensure gender equality in all our operations. In this context, we took an important step towards registering our success by obtaining the Equality for Women at Work Certificate in Turkey.

Our Gender Equality Program main focus areas:
  • · Increasing the influence of women in decisionmaking roles
  • · Improving work-life balance
  • · Increasing women’s access to nontraditional jobs
  • · Ensuring non-sexist communication
  • · Preventing activities that might interfere with women’s participation in the labor force together with all our stakeholders

Through our work, we will increase our rate of female employees from 30% to 51%.