• 1969 Year

    The group’s first beer brand Efes Pilsen commences production at the Efes Beverages Group’s first two breweries– Erciyas Biracılık (İstanbul) and Ege Biracılık (İzmir)–and goes on sale

  • 1971

    Tarbes commences production and begins supplying the group’s breweries with the hops they need.

  • 1973

    Production begins at the group’s maltery in Afyon.

  • 1974

    Güney Biracılık, the group’s third brewery, commences production.

  • 1984

    Production begins at Anadolu Biracılık, the group’s second maltery.

  • 1986 Year

    Efes Pazarlama (EFPA) is set up to handle the group’s marketing and sales in Turkey

  • 1993

    Efes Sınai Yatırım Holding A.Ş. (Efes Sınai) is set up to undertake Coca-Cola bottling investments in CIS countries.

  • 1994

    25% of Efes Sınai shares are sold to foreign institutional investors in a private placement.

  • 1995

    Coca-Cola Almaty Bottlers (CCAB), a Coca-Cola bottling plant owned by Efes Sınai, commences operation in Kazakhstan.

    Equipped with the most advanced technology available, the group’s fourth brewery, Ankara Biracılık, goes into production.

  • 1996

    Kazakhstan-based Karaganda Brewery is acquired when it undergoes privatization.

    Efes Sınai-owned Coca-Cola Bishkek Bottlers (CCBB) and Azerbaijan Coca-Cola Bottlers (ACCB) commence production.

    Anadolu Efes acquires Coca-Cola Company’s 33% stakes in the firms of Ansan, Maksan, Meda, and Mepa– four Coca-Cola bottling and marketing companies that account for 80% of CocaCola Turkey’s operations.

  • 1998

    Efes Breweries International (EBI) is set up in Holland to conduct the group’s international beer operations.

    Production commences at the group’s plant in Ploiești, Romania’s newest and most modern brewery.

    A public offering of 48% of shares in Efes Sınai takes place on the İstanbul and London stock Exchanges.

    The group increases the number of its breweries in Turkey by purchasing the assets of the Toros brewery along with the “Marmara” brand name.

    Turkey’s only exclusive Coca-Cola bottler, Coca-Cola Bottlers of Turkey (CCBT), is set up. Combined with those held by other members of the Anadolu Group, Anadolu Efes’s stake in this company reaches 40%.

  • 1999

    MEB begins producing malt.

    The “Stary Melnik” brand launched in Russia.

    Moscow Efes Brewery (MEB), in which the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Moscow municipality also control stakes, commences production at a new plant in that city.

  • 2000 Year

    CCBT is reorganized as two separate companies: Coca-Cola İçecek Üretim (beverages making) and Coca-Cola Satış ve Dağıtım (sales and distribution).

    Four publicly traded beer- and maltmaking members of the Efes Beverages Group (Erciyas Biracılık, Ege Biracılık, Güney Biracılık, and Anadolu Biracılık) are merged together to form Anadolu Efes. 

    Started brewing “Miller Genuine Draft (MGD)”, under licence in Istanbul. Thus, premium segment in Turkish beer market was created.

  • 2002

    Coca-Cola bottling operations in Turkey are reorganized as a production company (CCİ) and a sales and marketing company that is CCİ’s wholly-owned subsidiary.

    EBI undergoes a share capital increase in which 15% of its capital is sold in a private placement to foreign institutional investors.

    Signed a license agreement with Interbrew for the production, marketing and distribution of “Beck’s” brand in Turkey.

    Anadolu Efes ADRs begin trading on a Level-1 basis in the United States.

  • 2003

    A majority stake is acquired in the Pancevo brewery located near Belgrade in Serbia, after which the brewery is renamed “Efes Weifert”.

    The Amstar brewer located in the Russian city of Ufa in the Urals region is acquired.

    Production gets under way at a newly established brewery in the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan.

    Production gets under way at a newly established brewery in the Russian city of Rostov.

    The Vitanta Intravest SA brewery located in the Moldavian city of Chisinau is acquired and the firm of Efes Vitanta Moldova Brewery is set up. In addition to beer, the company becomes the leader of the soft drinks and bottled water markets in Moldova.

  • 2004

    A majority stake is acquired in the Zajecar brewery in Serbia. With this acquisition, EBI becomes the third biggest beer-maker in the country.

    EBI undergoes an initial public offering and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

  • 2005

    Introduced the first draft beer in a keg-shaped bottle in the world.

    Anadolu Efes reorganized all the soft drink operations under the roof of CCI.

    Efes Sınai acquires 90% of Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Jordan, which is responsible for Coca-Cola bottling activities in that country.

    Efes Sınai and a local partner join forces in Iraq, thereby acquiring exclusive sales and distribution rights for all Coca-Cola branded products in that country as well as an option to undertake production and bottling operations for the Iraqi market.

  • 2006

    CCİ acquires Mahmudiye natural spring water company in Turkey.

    All of Anadolu Efes’s soft drinks operations are reorganized and brought under the control of CCİ. This is followed by a merger of Efes Sınai into CCİ, the formalities of which are completed with the merger’s registration on 25 December 2006.

    CCİ shares are floated on the İstanbul Stock Exchange.

    Russia’s seventh biggest beermaker, the Krasny Vostok Brewing Group (KV Group), is acquired.

    EBI’s shares in a Romanian brewery being operated on a 50-50 joint venture basis with InBev SA (InBev) are sold to InBev

  • 2008

    CCİ acquires 49% of the shares in Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Ltd (CCBPL), in which TCCC formerly controlled a majority stake.

    CCİ enters into an agreement governing the Turkish sale and distribution rights of herbal, fruit, green, and black teas produced by TCCC-owned Doğadan Gıda Ürünleri Sanayi ve Pazarlama A.Ş. (Doğadan) in Turkey

    EBI acquires a 100% stake in Lomisi Ltd, a leading brewer in Georgia.

    EBI and Heineken decide to enter into a strategic collaboration in the Serbian and Kazakh markets. The ensuing operational mergers are completed in the third (Serbia) and fourth (Kazakhstan) quarters of the year.

  • 2009 Year

    CCİ acquires some of the water-related asset, access, authorization, and license rights of Sandras, a natural spring water company.

    Anadolu Efes acquires 33.3% of Etap Tarım ve Gıda Ürünleri Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (“Etap”), a company which makes fruit juice concentrates in Turkey and also sells them in the domestic and international markets.

    Anadolu Efes announces that it intends to buy up EBI shares that it does not already own. As a result of the ensuing acquisitions that are made, Anadolu Efes’s stake in EBI increases to 73.5%.

    Anadolu Efes relaunches its “Efes” brand, introducing a new logo and packaging that it now makes use of in all the countries in which it is active.

  • 2010

    CCİ makes its first venture into the mineral water segment with the launching of its “Damla Minera” line of products at its Bursa plant.

    EBI becomes a whollyowned subsidiary of Anadolu Efes, whereupon EBI’s shares delisted on the London Stock Exchange as of October 6th.

    Efes Deutschland GmbH, Anadolu Efes’s whollyowned subsidiary in Germany, begins selling “Efes Pilsener” brand beer which is manufactured for it by Einbecker Brauhaus AG under an agreement with that firm.

  • 2011

    Anadolu Efes signs a collaboration agreement with SABMiller. One of the world’s biggest beermakers, SABMiller has brewing and distribution agreements of its own on six continents.

  • 2012

    Anadolu Group entered the Southern Iraq market through an acquisition.

    Anadolu Efes acquired all of SABMiller’s beer operations in Russia and Ukraine. The new firm commenced operations in Russia.

  • 2015

    New Plants in Dushanbe (Tacikistan), Astana (Kazakistan) and Multan (Pakistan) started production.

  • 2016

    AB InBev acquired SABMiller Plc as of October 12, 2016 and became a new indirect partner of Anadolu Efes.

  • 2017

    Anadolu Efes awarded as “Brand of the Year” with its products at World Branding Awards which is one of the most prestigious brand award programs.

    Anadolu Efes and AB InBev signed a non-binding agreement for combining their Russian and Ukrainian beer operations.

    CCI’s 10th plant in Turkey started production in Isparta.

  • 2018

    EFES Pilsen awarded superior quality certificate for the 1st time in Turkey from German VLB Berlin which is one of the world’s most credible and independent beer academies. 

    Coca-Cola Pakistan commenced production in Faisalabad plant.

  • 2020

    As a result of long term practices in the R&D center in Izmir, Anadolu Efes brewmasters developed the “+1 Resting” technique.

    The new technique was certified by VLB Berlin Institute and an international patent application was made.

  • 2021

    Anadolu Efes established a global innovation center called Anadolu Efes Yenilik Atölyesi in order to develop the beer culture with innovative studies and to have a greater say in the world beer market.

  • 2022

    Bremen 1827 brand, developed together with German beer experts, was launched in Türkiye.